November Recognized as National Home Care and Hospice Month

Category: Member News Created: Monday, 07 November 2016 20:09

Throughout the month, communities across the country will honor the millions of nurses, home care aids, therapists, and social workers who make a remarkable difference in the lives of the patients and families they serve. These heroic caregivers play a central role in healthcare systems and in homes across the nation. To recognize their efforts, Holzer joins with the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) by celebrating November as Home Care and Hospice Month.

“It is highly appropriate in November that we celebrate the nurses, therapist, aides, and other providers who choose to use their lives to serve our countries aged, disabled, and dying,” said Val J. Halamandaris, NAHC President. He added that “no work is nobler, and no group is more deserving of our respect and admiration. Their goal is helping society’s weakest members live the fullest lives they can. By marrying high tech with high touch, home care professionals and volunteers allow patients to get care at home where they can be with the ones they love.”

Hospice care focuses on quality of life rather than quantity, which is the focus of curative care. Holzer Hospice is a licensed, certified hospice program providing in-home services and with contracted nursing home agencies to patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families. The program provides medical symptom management by the patient's attending physician in conjunction with an interdisciplinary team of skilled practitioners and volunteers. The hospice team provides support and care for patients and their families when it is needed most. Many people mistakenly believe that hospice services are only for those patients who have cancer. The fact is that in 2014, only 36 percent of hospice patients were diagnosed with cancer while the remaining 64 percent had non-cancer diagnoses.

Home care and hospice are poised to play a key role in coming years. A wide range of forces is joining to push care away from nursing homes and drive it toward home and community-based care. Based on the demographics and dollars, experts agree that the destiny of health care lies in the home. The first of the 78 million baby boomers turned 65 last year, and the rest of the boomers will reach their golden years in the next two decades, making health care dollars grow even scarcer. The most important trend in health care is the shift from hospitals and nursing homes to home care, from treatment to proactive monitoring and care.

With Home Care services, people not only recover faster, but are happier and healthier when they can receive personalized, compassionate care in their own home. Holzer Home Care staff respect the fact that it’s your home, and that you must trust the people you invite in to provide your care. Highly skilled and dedicated health care professionals, including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, licensed therapists and home health aides make up our staff. Our on-call staff is available 24 hours a day to ensure your needs are met at all times. Holzer has been providing home health services for more than 30 years, and is proud that we have consistently received high marks for quality care and patient satisfaction.

For more information on Holzer Home Care or Hospice Services, please visit or call 1-888-225-1135 for Holzer Home Care or 740-446-5074 for Holzer Hospice.