Gallia County Commissioners joined Holzer to declare February as American Heart Month.

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Gallia County Commissioners joined Holzer to declare February as American Heart Month.

The proclamation is as follows:IMG 4561 600x800

Whereas, we the Gallia County Commissioners, recognize the month of February as American Heart Month and February and do hereby encourage all citizens to wear red to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease; and Whereas, we recognize the extraordinary progress in heart health and recognize that more needs to be done in Gallia County to safeguard heart health for generations to come; and Whereas, cardiovascular disease accounts for 17.3 million deaths per year, a number that is expected to grow to more than 23.6 million by 2030.

Whereas, The American Heart Association projects the cost of treating heart disease in the United States will triple by 2030; and Whereas, keeping our communities healthy and promoting awareness of health issues including heart disease, is an important responsibility and depends on the actions of many organization and groups in our community; and Whereas, heart health remains a priority for families, communities, and government, and our commitment to keeping our citizens, especially our women, healthy is stronger than ever; Therefore, be it Resolved that in recognition of the ongoing fight against heart disease we do hereby proclaim February as American Heart Month in Gallia County and urge everyone to show their support for the fight against heart disease.

Shown pictured: front row: left, Harold Montgomery, President, Gallia County Commission, and Lori Cremeans, Director, Holzer Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Services. Back row, left to right: Brent Saunders, Gallia County Commissioner, Kim Addis, Holzer Cardiovascular Institute, Christi Cremeans, Holzer Cardiovascular Institute, Becky Buckley, Holzer Cardiovascular Institute, Jennifer Spradlin, Holzer Cardiovascular Institute, Karrie Davison, Holzer Marketing Department, and David Smith, Vice President, Gallia County Commission.