Holzer Wound Care Center Receives Award

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Holzer Wound Care Center physicians, leaders, and clinicians are proud to announce that the Center has received the Center of Distinction Award by Healogics, Inc., the nation’s largest provider of advanced wound care services.

The Center achieved outstanding clinical outcomes for 12 consecutive months, including patient satisfaction higher than 92 percent, and a wound healing rate of at least 91 percent in less than 31 median days. Out of 630 Centers eligible for the Center of Distinction award, 334 achieved this honor.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an essential part of chronic wound treatment plans. This type of medical treatment increases the amount of oxygen in the patient’s blood, allowing oxygen to pass more easily through the plasma into wounds. In the chamber, the patient is surrounded with 100 percent oxygen at higher than normal atmospheric pressure. Throughout the treatment, the patient is supervised by a specially-trained physician and monitored by a technician.

While a patient is located in the chamber, there is the opportunity to watch television or listen to music. In addition, the technician can be available to speak to the patient through the conveniently located phone available on the chamber to answer any questions, or to provide conversation during the treatment.

Holzer Wound Care Center is staffed with a unique team of doctors, nurses, and therapists, all dedicated to healing chronic wounds. The causes of wounds are complex, and our team offers expertise in all areas needed to handle your wound circumstances.

The Wound Care Center® is a member of the Healogics network of nearly 800 Centers, with access to benchmarking data and proven experience treating approximately 2.5 million chronic wounds. The Wound Care Center offers highly specialized wound care to patients suffering from diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, infections and other chronic wounds, which have not healed in a reasonable amount of time. Some of the leading-edge treatments offered at the Wound Care Center include negative pressure wound therapy, debridement, application of cellular-based tissue or skin substitutes to the wound, offloading or total contact casts and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

“The Holzer Wound Care Center at Jackson has a wonderful program in place and receiving the Center of Distinction further demonstrates this fact,” stated Dina Griffith, Program Director, Holzer Wound Care Center. “We are proud to offer an excellent panel of physicians and clinical staff who are dedicated to the needs of our patients who come to us with their non-healing wounds. In 2016, our median days to heal was 28 days. Holzer offers the latest wound care healing techniques from skin graphs and the use of hyperbaric chambers to help our patients heal quickly and completely.”

Holzer Wound Care Center ® offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy, negative pressure wound therapy, bio-engineered skin substitutes, biological and biosynthetic dressings and growth factor therapies.

For more information on the Center, or any other services available through Holzer Health System, please call 1-855-4-HOLZER.


About the Holzer Wound Care Center

Holzer Medical Center - Jackson offers a comprehensive Wound Care Center staffed with a unique team of doctors, nurses, and therapists all dedicated to healing chronic wounds. With our caring staff and specialized treatment plans developed just for you, we have what you need to get back on your feet again. We are experts at caring for people whose wounds have resisted traditional treatment. Our advanced treatment options include (but are not limited to): Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Bio-Engineered Tissue Substitutes, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Growth Factor Therapies, Advanced Dressings and Wraps, and Debridement.

About Healogics, Inc.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., Healogics is the nation’s largest provider of advanced wound care services. Healogics and its affiliated companies manage nearly 800 Wound Care Centers® in the nation and saw over 300,000 new patients in 2016 through a connected network of partner hospitals and Wound Care Centers, academic medical centers, and other postacute sites. Healogics utilizes an evidencebased systematic approach to chronic wound healing to treat an underserved and growing patient population. A fund managed by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, a private investment firm, is the majority shareholder of Healogics. For more information, please visit www.healogics.com.