New Account Numbers for Ohio's Motor Fuel Tax Filers

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In conjunction with the Ohio Department of Taxation ("Taxation") transitioning to a new motor fuel tax filing system, new 8 digit account numbers have been issued for all Dealers, Exporters, Transporters, Terminal Operators, and Retail Dealers. Previously, the account holders used their FEIN or SSN when filing their motor fuel reports. For all returns required to be filed electronically, account holders must use their 8 digit account numbers when submitting their motor fuel reports.



Registration confirmation letters have been mailed to all account holders. The confirmation includes the new 8 digit account number, as well as basic account information. Please see below for a breakdown of the new formats for the various motor fuel account types:

    1. Dealer Acct #'s: 80xxxxxx
    2. Retail Dealer Acct #': 81xxxxxx
    3. Exporter Acct #'s: 82xxxxxx
    4. Terminal Operator Acct #'s: 83xxxxxx
    5. Transporter Acct #'s: 84xxxxxx

All recipients of a registration confirmation letter are asked to review the account information for accuracy. If no discrepancies are found, no further action is necessary. If changes need to be made to the account information provided in the letter (address, name, ID, cancel account, etc.), please contact the Excise and Energy Tax Division.

Motor fuel tax filers are reminded that effective November 1st, all motor fuel reports are required to be filed and payments are required to be made electronically.

Taxation is encouraging all dealers to obtain the accounts numbers of those retail dealers to whom they sell fuel. This will ensure that when the electronic filing mandate is effective, they will have the proper information to complete their tax report.

If you have any questions, please contact the Excise and Energy Tax Division at 1-855-466-3921.

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